Pre-Conference Training 2023

Pre-conference training for LASCON 2023 will be planned soon. Stay tuned for the announcement.
Note that Pre-Conference Training is NOT included with Conference Ticket and must be purchased separately.

Pre-Conference Training

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Training: Cloud Security Masterclass

Title: Cloud Security Masterclass: Defender’s Guide to Securing AWS & Azure Infrastructure

Trainer: Abhinav Singh

Enhance your cloud security knowledge to defend AWS & Azure infrastructure and apps through building automated detection, alerting, and response systems. This training offers hands-on lab exercises & CTF challenges(metal coins to win) for a practical learning experience.

This hands-on CTF-style training focuses on elevating your security knowledge into the cloud. Learn to defend your AWS & Azure cloud infrastructure by building automated detection, alerting and response pipelines for your workloads by using native cloud services. This training focuses on building security knowledge on the cloud and for the cloud.

This training takes both investigator and builder approach towards security. It teaches you the fundamentals of cloud infrastructure security and focuses on building highly scalable threat detection, monitoring, and response tools by using cloud-native services like serverless, containers, object stores, IAM/AD, logic apps, SQL/KQL queries and much more.

By the end of this training, we will be able to(applies to both AWS & Azure):

* Use cloud technologies to detect & build automated responses against IAM & AD attacks.
* Understand and mitigate advanced identity based attacks like pivoting and privilege escalation and build defense techniques against them.
* Use serverless functions to perform on-demand threat scans.
* Deploy containers to build threat detection services at scale.
* Build notification services to create detection alerts.
* Analyze malware-infected virtual machines to perform automated forensic investigations.
* Define step functions & logic apps to implement automated forensic artifacts collection for cloud resources.
* Build cloud security response playbooks for defense evasion, persistence and lateral movements.
* Perform advanced security investigations through architecting and deploying security data-lake for real-time threat intelligence and monitoring.
* Enforce multi-cloud security strategy through assessments, compliance checks and benchmarking automation

Trainer Bio:
Abhinav Singh is a cybersecurity researcher with a decade long experience working for global leaders in security technology, financial institutions and as an independent trainer/consultant. He is the author of Metasploit Penetration Testing Cookbook (first, second & third editions) and Instant Wireshark Starter, by Packt. He is an active contributor to the security community in the form of patents, open-source tools, paper publications, articles, and blogs. His work has been quoted in several security and privacy magazines, and digital portals. He is a frequent speaker and trainer at eminent international conferences like Black Hat, RSA & DefCon. His areas of expertise include malware research, reverse engineering, enterprise security, forensics, and cloud security.

Training: Hacking Modern Web apps

Title: Hacking Modern Web apps: Master the future of attack vectors

Trainer: Abraham Aranguren

This course is the culmination of years of experience gained via practical penetration testing of Modern Web applications as well as countless hours spent doing research. We have structured this course around the OWASP Security Testing Guide, it covers the OWASP Top Ten and specific attack vectors against Modern Web apps. This course provides participants with actionable skills that can be applied immediately from day 1.

Please note our courses are 100% hands-on, we do not lecture students with boring bullet points and theories, instead we give you practical challenges and help you solve them, teaching you how to troubleshoot common issues and get the most out of this training. Training then continues after the course through our frequently updated training portal, for which you keep lifetime access, as well as unlimited email support.

Get a FREE taste for this training, including access to video recording, slides and vulnerable apps to play with: 1 hour workshop:

Light on the theory, heavy on the practice, each day starts from the basics but quickly complicates things to uncover fun attacks and edge cases that will surprise many. Each day covers static analysis, dynamic checks and finishes off with a nice CTF session to test the skills gained.

Day 1: Focused specifically on Hacking Modern Web Apps: We start with understanding Modern Web Apps and then deep dive into static and dynamic analysis of the applications at hand. This day is packed with hands-on exercises and CTF-style challenges.

Day 2: Dedicated to Advanced Modern Web App Attacks: We cover advanced attacks specifically targeting the Modern Web App and other platforms such as dumping memory, prototype pollution, deserialization attacks, OAuth, JWT flaws and more. The day is full of hands-on exercises and ends with CTF-style open challenges for additional practice.

Trainer Bio:
After 15 years in itsec and 22 in IT, Abraham is now the CEO of 7ASecurity (, a company specializing in penetration testing of web/mobile apps, infrastructure, code reviews and training. Co-Author of the Mobile, Web and Desktop (Electron) app 7ASecurity courses. Security Trainer at Blackhat USA, HITB, OWASP Global AppSec and many other events. Former senior penetration tester / team lead at Cure53 and Version 1. Creator of “Practical Web Defense”, a hands-on eLearnSecurity attack / defense course, OWASP OWTF project leader, an OWASP flagship project (, Major degree and Diploma in Computer Science, some certs: CISSP, OSCP, GWEB, OSWP, CPTS, CEH, MCSE:Security, MCSA:Security, Security+. As a shell scripting fan trained by unix dinosaurs, Abraham wears a proud manly beard. He writes on Twitter as @7asecurity @7a_@owtfp or Multiple presentations, pentest reports and recordings can be found at

Training: Infrastructure as Remote Code Execution

Title: Infrastructure as Remote Code Execution: How to Abuse Terraform to Elevate Access

Trainers: Mike McCabe and Ken Toler

In this workshop, we will explore the potential security risks associated with the use of Terraform, a popular infrastructure-as-code tool. We will demonstrate how a malicious actor can exploit Terraform to elevate privileges, exfiltrate sensitive data, and gain unauthorized access to cloud environments. The workshop will include live demos showcasing real-world attack scenarios and will conclude with practical recommendations for securing Terraform implementations.

In-depth Description: Terraform is a widely used tool for managing cloud infrastructure as code. While it offers numerous benefits, it can also be a target for attackers seeking to compromise cloud environments. This talk will provide an in-depth analysis of Terraform’s security features and vulnerabilities and demonstrate how attackers can exploit them to achieve remote code execution and privilege escalation. We will also discuss best practices for securing Terraform and mitigating potential threats.

Trainer Bios:

Mike McCabe
Michael McCabe is the founder and President of Cloud Security Partners. He founded Cloud Security Partners in 2017 where he uses his 15 years of experience to help create and implement security solutions for clients. Michael’s focus on Cloud Native software security coupled with his experience in Cloud Infrastructure and Security enables Mike to help companies navigate their security challenges by creating unique and client-tailored solutions.
Michael has led teams within startups and large financial institutions, guiding them through their security journeys. Michael’s experience in secure code review and dynamic security testing allows him to help clients identify their risk across applications and infrastructure alike.
Michael is a chapter leader of the OWASP Northern Virginia chapter, where he coordinates speakers and meetups which hosted industry-leading experts. In a addition to that, he has spoken at numerous conferences about subjects across Application Security, Cloud Security and more. He is also the co-host of the Relating to DevSecOps podcast focusing on how to create security solutions that work for real world problems.
When not chasing his two young sons around, he enjoys biking and being an amateur mechanic.

Ken Toler
Ken is a dedicated security expert with over a decade of experience in application, cloud, and blockchain security. Working with a wide variety of organizations, Ken has sharpened his skills in hacking web applications, crafting software security programs, and developing resources to empower software engineers.
Originally an aspiring musician, Ken’s journey into the tech world has been unconventional, bringing a unique perspective to his work. This blend of creativity and precision is reflected in his problem-solving approach and commitment to education. Ken is passionate about fostering collaboration, and founded “Relating to DevSecOps” podcast to bring teams together. His aim is to bridge gaps between engineering and other business sectors to create a more cohesive and collaborative work environment.
When he isn’t immersed in code or security, Ken can be found indulging in his love for karaoke, to keep his voice in shape. Ken aims to provide a holistic perspective on security and business. Be prepared to gain a deeper understanding of DevSecOps and how to navigate this complex landscape successfully.